DoiT International’s re:Cap of AWS re:Invent 2021!


Watch our special panel discussion for a lively re:cap of the best and most exciting news from AWS re:Invent 2021. 

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Joshua Fox Jason Gregson Avi Keinan Evgeny Zislis-1
Joshua Fox
Senior Cloud Architect, DoiT International
Jason Gregson
Senior Cloud Architect, DoiT International
Avi Keinan
Senior Cloud Architect, DoiT International
Evgeny Zislis
Technical Director, CTO Office, DoiT International


AWS re:Invent offers almost limitless opportunities for learning and collaboration, with training and certification sessions, workshops, and labs, not to mention the Jams and GameDays. But the real draw of AWS re:Invent is finding out what’s on the horizon for AWS.

Your hosts Joshua Fox, Evgeny Zislis, Avi Keinan, and Jason Gregson discuss their favorite announcements, sessions, and top takeaways from this year’s AWS re:Invent. They share insightful and entertaining commentary to help you stay on top of the latest and greatest developments in cloud computing and AWS.


Reasons to watch: 

  • A condensed, short, and sweet recap session of this year’s AWS re:Invent announcements
  • An analysis of ways that these announcements may affect your development plans and infrastructure
  • We highlighted areas where you may want to focus your efforts in the coming months



This re:cap event is split into two sessions allowing you to watch what is more relevant to you. Over two 1hr sessions, our cloud experts delved into core infrastructure and machine learning, data, and analytics announcements.

Session 1: 

Core Infrastructure


Jason Gregson & Avi Keinan



Session 2:

ML, Data & Analytics


Joshua Fox, Jason Gregson & Evgeny Zislis



Watch our exciting recap of re:Invent!