Live Executive Roundtable:

Accelerating ISV's top line in a containerized world

calendar Thu, Nov 18th 2021
1pm - 2pm CEST
pin Virtual event

Learn from VNC and Instana how to build software applications on a scalable and reliable cloud architecture, to better serve your customers needs and ultimately grow your business’ top line.

Join our discussion on how software companies, whether pure SaaS or hybrid, can deliver their applications to end users in the best possible way and hear how seasoned cloud practitioners from VNC and Instana are building software applications on a scalable and reliable cloud architecture.




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Andrea Wörrlein
Member of the Board, VNC

Dan vnc

Daniel Merron
Lead DevOps Engineer, VNC


Fabian Lange
Founder & Chief Engineer,



Patrick Paechnatz
Senior Cloud Architect, DoiT International

Lewin Keller

Lewin Keller
Country Manager EMEA North,
DoiT International


The containerization of applications over the last decade was a key transformation that met various business needs to better serve customers and thus drive tremendous growth, acceleration and users empowerment.

Delivering your SOAs for your end customers in a multi-cloud world, yet dominated from countless on-prem and hybrid installations makes it complex for software companies to optimize for operational efficiency.

While this discussion will highlight huge opportunities coming with cloud-based containerized architectures, we will also discuss challenges in the area of governance and control to keep up with this continuous change and ensure performance and cost-effectiveness.

DoiT International is a leading provider of a proprietary platform for public cloud optimization, governance, and multi-cloud expertise supporting over 1000 customers in 70 countries to better deliver software in B2B and B2C models to their users.

Instana deliberately build a multicloud and hybrid SaaS strategy to offer their APM solution to the global market, while VNC Virtual Network Consult AG is a leading developer of open source based enterprise applications headquartered in Switzerland. VNC recently extended their contract with The DFB GmbH, a subsidiary of the German Football Association, and it’s now helping the DFBnet mailbox system  to be migrated from the DFB data center and reside in the Google Cloud Frankfurt region.

In this executive roundtable, you will learn how those companies together with DoiT International leverage serverless and containerized architectures to securely scale their fully managed solutions and grow their customer base with the help of specific ISV focused cloud channel strategies.

We are happy to welcome cloud experts allowing us to discuss GCP’s leading capabilities in the area of managed services from Kubernetes to Anthos - Modern Application Platform to help you run anywhere or use BigQuery Omni for multi-cloud data analytics. Cloud solutions are not the only treasure chest, as ISVs can also benefit from building powerful GTM strategies leveraging the cloud vendor as a channel. DoiT is also equipped to advise on this front and assist ISVs & SaaS companies with their integration into cloud marketplaces.

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